Volcan Masaya and San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua - Places Beyond

The route I had planned from Managua to San Juan del Sur was a quick two hour ride so I added a short reroute to stop by Volcano Masaya. In my few days in Nicaragua I've figured out that spotting police checkpoints is simple and it's easy to predict where they'll be. At almost every entrance and exit to each town there are two policemen. You can spot them from a distance because they have an orange safety cone in the road and their blue shirts stand out from the green landscape. Sometimes … [Read more...]

Volcano Boarding


Last night at the hostel some people were talking about going Volcano boarding. I didn't know what that was but it sounded awesome. I signed right up. Bigfoot Hostel is apparently the first hostel in Leon to start the crazy activity simply called Volcano boarding. For $25 you get to ride down a volcano, get awesome views of the area, a cold beer and cookie at the end, a mojito and photos of the day when you get back. At 9AM twenty of us boarded a truck and drove down a dirt road for 45 … [Read more...]

It’s Getting Hotter


Honduras to Nicaragua I left Zambrono early as the sun was rising but as I started riding the sun left and rain clouds came making the first hour a wet and slow ride. I heard the road I wanted I take into Nicaragua had a bridge that might be closed so I stopped by a McDonalds for free wifi. The wifi wasn't working so instead I decided I'd take the CA-5 back to the CA-1 on the coast and cross into Nicaragua at Somotillo. Once I started descending down the mountain the sun was out and the cool … [Read more...]