Copper Canyon Part 1


I woke up to a beautiful crisp sunny day in the mountains of the Mexican Sierras. Then I woke up and realized that was all a dream and that it did in fact rain all night and it was still coming down. I wasn't going to sit around the town of Yecora for a day so I hit the road. I had about 160 miles to go to reach the town of Creel. 160 miles in the rain on this road is enough of a roadtrip for one day. Getting into the zone centro (city center/downtown) of any city is always easy but … [Read more...]

A Day to Forget but will Remember Forever

Farmacia in Rosario

I had big plans for today. I had been debating where to go next, either south to Culiacan or head east into the Sierras and Copper Canyon. The Copper Canyon route was just as long but was mostly through the mountains which would make it a longer ride. I'd heard about how beautiful Copper Canyon was but that it's one of the most remote regions in Mexico and the area is narco central. After talking with a few other ADVRiders who had just traveled through there I decided I'd take the road less … [Read more...]

Couchsurfing in Guaymas, Mexico

Front Porch Decorations

It's 6 AM and the neighborhood roosters are starting their routines. It doesn't phase me as the neighborhood dogs were barking throughout the night. I'm staying with a wonderful Couchsurfing host named Marie. I wish more people couch experience Couchsurfing. After I graduated college my best friend and I packed our bags and went abroad for 5 months. Before we left a friend of ours told us about this new social network for travelers, called Couchsurfing. All over the world there are millions of … [Read more...]

Day 4

The small ferry in port at Santa Rosalia

To La Paz or Guaymas I set my alarm early because I had 340 miles ahead of me to ride to La Paz. Before I left I checked my email and saw a message from the person I was going to be Couchsurfing with in Guaymas. She said there was a port of entry over there and I could easily get my Temp Vehicle Import Permit there! So back to my original plan of crossing on the Santa Rosalia ferry. I went back to bed cause the ferry didn't start boarding till 7:30 (or does it?) I packed up my stuff and … [Read more...]

Day 3

El burro de Baja

Bahia de Los Angeles to Santa Rosalia I took my time getting started and spent the morning online checking routes. Everything looked set to take the road south out of Bahia de Los Angeles but when I went to get on the road I couldn't find it. I asked people where the road to San Pedro was but no one seemed to know. My GPS wasn't any help either. I ended up following the road I came in on back to Highway 1. More desert riding today with very few other cars on the road. I rode two hours … [Read more...]

Day 2

Typical gas stations in Mexico.

Santo Tomas to Bahia de Los Angeles I woke up to realize my back wasn't as healed as I thought. Glad I brought the meds. I don't think I told this story. A day before I was going to leave I was moving things and lifted something that really bothered my back. I joked with friends that I must almost be turning 30. Before I left I was feeling fine but now climbing on the bike told me I wasn't better yet. Once I was on the road and moving I was fine. The road continued south past farms and more … [Read more...]

Day 1

USA Mexico Border

South To Baja California With a few friends who came to see me off standing in the street and waiving goodbye, I started up the engine and was on my way. The first few miles were a combination of excitement and mentally running through check lists. Did I remember everything? What about this and that? Of course I forgot the papers of Essential Spanish I had printed out! I should have started seriously learning Spanish a year ago. I've met people who've done similar travel through central and … [Read more...]