Tips for Motorcycle Travel in Mexico

USA Mexico Border

On my trip from California to Argentina, I spent a month traveling through Mexico. Here are some things I learned along the way. This is not a complete guide, just some things that might help you plan a trip or get a sense of what it's like. If I posted something wrong let me know but I don't want to start a whole discussion here of Mexico tips. Just my take on it. You can find additional info on an ADVRider post here.   Temp Vehicle Import  Permit If you're traveling outside the free … [Read more...]

Chamula, Mexico


Chicken Sacrifices for the Cleaning of the Soul A few miles outside of San Cristobal de las Casas is the small village of San Juan Chamula. Kevin and I drove over one day to see what life was like outside the big city. Kevin and his father work in sustainable agriculture/development and they work with a lot of local farmers in the area. You would think that many of the farms in the small villages would use farming practices passed down from previous generations but most now use seeds … [Read more...]

Dia de los Muertos in San Cristobal de las Casas


I didn't have any place to be for a while so I spent 3 days in San Cristobal de las Casas. I could have stayed longer as the city and surrounding area have plenty to offer and the family I stayed with was awesome. Located in a valley high in the mountains of Chiapas, San Cristobal is small but has an endless number of roads each with something to explore. I got in at night and after putting my stuff away I went out to the centro with Kevin, my host and fellow lover of ska music. It was his … [Read more...]

Wind Tunnels and Banditos


The Road from Tlacolula to San Cristobal de las Casas I wanted to stay in Tlacolula and continue to help out at the children's home but I have to keep making my way south to get to the boat on time to sail to Columbia. Believe it or not I was hoping to do another cement pour before I left. Leaving Tlacolula is easy as there's only one road. I followed 190 south into the mountains for about 3 hours. Gorgeous vistas around each curve. View Larger Map The road leaves the … [Read more...]

The Ruins of Monte Albán


On a hill 10km away from a busy Walmart in the city of Oaxaca is Monte Albán, the ruins of a grand ancient city that ruled the region for 13 centuries. From 500 BC to 850 AD, Monte Albán is considered to have been the regional political, spiritual, and cultural capital of the Oaxaca Valley. Before arriving to Oaxaca I didn't know of Monte Albán but when I arrived I heard that it was one of the largest ruins in Mexico. I decided to go check it out with Marcelino, Ace of Cakes, who works at … [Read more...]

Grasshoppers. It’s What’s For Lunch.


In the heart of the small city of Tlacolula, just 30 minutes south of Oaxaca, lies one of the oldest markets in Mexico and Central America. People from the villages surrounding the city come to sell their goods each weekend just as their ancestors did hundreds of years earlier. I came to the market to see what it was like and to try a special snack found mainly in the state of Oaxaca. For weeks while riding my motorcycle from California through Mexico I would see the roads covered in … [Read more...]

A Birthday to Remember


I knew early on in the planning of this trip that I would celebrate a pretty big birthday on the road. On October 24th I turned 30 and was not at all how I imagined I'd celebrate reaching a new decade of life. If you had asked me a few weeks ago what I was going to do for my 30th birthday I would have said I would probably be in Mexico City, at a club with a world renowned DJ spinning good music and having a blast. Instead there was an opportunity that when I first heard about it I knew it was … [Read more...]

Not Your Typical Hostel


Warm Heart Guest House in Mexico City When I tell people that I plan to be traveling solo for 8 months, one of the things people will ask me is "won't you be lonely traveling by yourself?" That's certainly a possibility and I will no doubt miss my family and friends, but traveling is what you make of it. One way to be lonely is to get a hotel room every night and not talk to anyone. Personally I think you miss out on so much by doing that. Traveling solo doesn't mean you're always … [Read more...]



A Different Mexico City Here in Mexico City I'm staying in Coyoacán, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Through a friend I found an awesome guest house to stay in while I'm here (I'll write about that later). Coyoacán was once it's own city and so it has it's own zocalo and town centro. Stopping by a cafe and getting a chai tea to go, I headed to the zocalo just to relax and watch what happens here. With so much constant moving and doing on the trip, a morning of just … [Read more...]

Gotta Get to Mexico City, Muse Is Playing

Muse Ticket

Guadalajara and Zapopan had a lot more to see but I had to get to Mexico City by Sunday night. A few months before I left I saw an email from the band Muse, one of my favorites, announcing their fall tour. In the middle of the tour was a few nights playing in Mexico City the week of my birthday. How could I not go? Tickets were a great price so I picked one up on Ticketmaster and planned to get to Mexico City in time for the show Sunday night. Oskar insisted I have a real breakfast before I … [Read more...]

Guadalajara and Zapopan

Basilica de Zapopan

When I get on the road early  enough I can take my time and enjoy the side roads to get to the next city. Leaving Zacatecas after breakfast with Cloe, I skipped the main autopista and jumped on highway 54 to ride to Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco. I passed by police and military trucks with soldiers in the back, rifles in their hands. This is the governments response to recent attacks from organized crime in the state and city. I'm glad it doesn't seem to have drastically affected the city … [Read more...]



I knew only one thing about Zacatecas before I arrived, I was told that I would love it. I should have planned accordingly. Here's the story of my time in the colonial city of Zacatecas. The ride from Durango to Zacatecas was somewhat forgettable. I only remember thinking for the first time that I should download Spanish language audio classes and practice while riding. Arriving into Zacatecas at noon I had planned to meet up in the centro with Cloe, the Couchsurfer I was going to stay … [Read more...]

Durango, Mexico


From the outskirts of the city I could tell Durango would be the biggest city I've been to on the trip so far.  This morning while I had wifi at the hotel I mapped out how to get to where I was staying so I wouldn't get lost. That plan got thrown out the window as soon as I found the road closed and I was sent on a wild detour completely throwing me off track. I tried going down a few streets to find ones I knew from the map but with no luck as streets didn't always (or usually) have street … [Read more...]

Hidalgo del Parral to Durango


The long and not winding road I spent the night in Hidalgo del Parral but other than walk a few blocks to grab a bite to eat, I didn't do much. I was pretty wiped out and crashed early. I'm traveling on a budget so I try to eat for under $10 a day. Luckily there's plenty of great and cheap food available in Mexico. Elote is corn on the cob prepared with chili powder, butter, sour cream, and cheese. It's sold by street vendors and in established shops all over Mexico.(and in many cities … [Read more...]

Copper Canyon Part 2

A group of kids at Cusarare Mission

The Road From Creel to Hidalgo del Parral I came to Copper Canyon after hearing about it last year when I was in Chihuahua filming for the documentary tv series I work on, Roadtrip Nation. I heard how beautiful the canyons were and about the people that live there. Copper Canyon is a system of six canyons in the state of Chihuahua. Some parts of the canyon are deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I was planning on making the trek from Creel to the town of Batopilas, a historic … [Read more...]