The Honduran Countryside


A Weekend at Caserio Valuz Many travelers enter Honduras in the morning and leave in the afternoon. Whether it's the frustration caused at the border or the stories of bad roads and that it's an unsafe country, most people skip right to Nicaragua. After an opportunity showed up on Couchsurfing, I decided I'd spend the weekend there before going to Nicaragua. Not in the chaotic capital city but out in the beautiful Honduran countryside. I rode along the Pan American and then took CA-5 north … [Read more...]

Crossing into Honduras at El Amatillo


I had heard so many horror stories of the border crossing into Honduras that I was seriously considering traveling over a "blind border." But I decided that might be more horrific if I was caught and fined a large sum of money. So to hopefully avoid some of craziness of the El Amatillo crossing, I wanted to get as close to the border the night before then cross very early the next morning. I left San Salvador just before 4pm and knew I would have a little over an hour of sunlight to get to … [Read more...]