Riding North To Córdoba

San Rafael, San Luis, to Córdoba, Argentina

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.07.45 PM

I spoke to early about the weather warming up enough to ride without my winter gloves and jacket liner. Leaving San Rafael it was a cool crisp autumn morning. Most of the day it was only me on the small two lane roads to San Luis.




Well, me and a few goats.

I stopped for the night in the small city of San Luis after hearing from someone that it was worth it. Maybe it was the dreary cloudy weather but I wasn’t seeing why this place would be on anyone’s list. I pulled my moto up to San Luis Hostel and for the first time on the trip I parked it out front on the sidewalk for the night. With the weather colder than I was hoping for and being underwhelmed with San Luis, I left in the morning.


After hundreds of miles on straight and flat roads I started getting closer and closer to the mountains. Eventually my hand was on throttle and I was leaning around the corners of the mountain.


Finally the road turned east and into the mountains. For an hour I rode up and over the range on the winding road




The descent into Cordoba was spectacular. I had passed all the cars so I had a lot of the road to myself. Finally the weather warmed up as I descended into the valley.


After an hour winding my way through the green hills, I rode onto the 6 lane highway and rode into Córdoba.

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