Quito, Ecuador

Finding time to just sit and read about the places I’m traveling to seems to be hard to find. I rode into Quito knowing nothing about the city. The only thing I knew was that my friend Su-Yin lived there and that it was in Ecuador. The day after New Years Eve I slept in and it was a relaxing day. Su-Yin and Simon live in a neighborhood in Centro Historico were very few gringos or tourists wander.



The guard dog


Just one of the many plazas with a church in Centro Historico


Calle La Ronda


In the afternoon we headed out to the newly opened¬†Bicentennial Park. The park used to be the Quito Airport but they built a new one out of the city and are turning the massive property into a park. We met up with Cheo and few others to play rugby. Being a typical American, the only thing I knew about rugby is that New Zealand is a good team. Ok I know more but not much. I had no knowledge of the rules. Just the general concept. With only 3 on 3 it was ¬†a small field but after a late night celebrating New Years, the game didn’t last long. All of us were exhausted.


The park seems to be hit. It was packed with families playing games, having picnics, and enjoying the nice weather.




Post New Years Eve and Rugby nap in the park


Cheo and Simon had been talking about a restaurant in town that has the best ceviche. After a bowl of it, I agree. Manabiche Cevecheria is the best.



Manabiche Cevecheria, Quito

No sunny afternoon is complete with a stop for helado. Of course, Cheo knew the best spot in town.


I spent a few days in Quito and enjoyed it. It was a great city that didn’t feel that big. With lots of green parks, street art, and interesting places, it’s a great city to just wander around.




They have a free bike rental program for residents. Tourists can sign up but you have to do it at a central office.


Calle La Ronda at night.

On my last night in Quito we went out to Bandido Brewing Co, a small micro-brewery/pub where Su-Yin’s neighbor Ryan works. I’m not a craft brew snob but I like good beer and variety. IPA’s, porters, amber ales, and others are almost impossible to find in Latin America. There are a few craft breweries starting to open up but it’s still rare. We hung out at the pub playing Banagrams for a few hours.


Bandido Brewing

Dave, Simon, me, and Su-Yin

Dave, Simon, me, and Su-Yin


Thank you Su-Yin, Simon, Dave, Cheo, and Ryan for sharing your amazing city and traditions with me. Ryan, Su-Yin’s neighbor, was kind enough to let me stay in his apartment as Su-Yin and Simon didn’t have an extra bed.

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