Nothing But Sand

Huacachina, Peru

In the desert south of Lima is the small oasis of Huacachina. It’s surrounded by nothing but sand. And not just sand, but thousand foot high sand dunes for miles. Seeing the photos alone made me want to go there. I didn’t know the town was an overpriced tourist trap but I probably would still have gone. I just wanted to ride on those dunes.

I have a little sand riding experience. Not enough to make it easy but I’ve been on sand dunes before and once I got going it was a blast. So why would this be any different. I was dreaming. Unfortunately my dream was dashed at the entrance to the dunes. The entrance was deep sandy whoops. I tried and tried but couldn’t get through. I ditched the bike and walked in on foot.


Within a few feet of town there’s literally nothing out there for miles and miles. I spent the evening hiking up and down the dunes. Unless I go to the Sahara I probably won’t see dunes like this again so I got a little carried away with the photos.








Sad to see litter spread across the dunes left by people camping out there and tourists in the dune buggy tours.


Back in the tiny town center of Huacachina there was dance performance going on by local kids.




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