Mundo Lingo Buenos Aires

Three nights a week in different bars around popular neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, about 100 people gather to meet othersĀ from around the world and practice or learn new languages.

The event is Mundo Lingo. Everyone gets a sticker of their country’s flag and then stickers of the languages they know or want to practice. Then you look for other people who match one of your stickers. Some people have just two, like me, and others show off 6 or more. You see flags from all over the world.

I spent a bunch of nights meeting locals, travelers,and expats. We trade off from speaking spanish to english till late in the night. Remember this is Buenos Aires so don’t bother showing up before 11pm. They have three events a week so I would end up seeing people I met one night either around the city or at the next Mundo Lingo meet up. I love this idea and might just start a Orange County chapter someday.

1553367_646577232087705_4643909990275529217_o 1403616_646575242087904_3641670919595242045_omundolingo_1

It’s my new favorite language learning resource.

Check the Mundo Lingo’s site or Facebook for times and locations.


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