Jumping In A Volcano

The last volcano I visited I could only sled down on a board. This time I wanted a bit more of an adventure and decided to jump inside of one.¬†Myself and two other moto-travelers, Greg and Matt, left Cartagena, Colombia to ride up to La Guajira but along the way we saw a sign for Volcan de Totumo and we decided we’d go see it. When we rode up to it I realized it was the mud volcano I had heard about. I wasn’t leaving without jumping in this thing.

Volcano Totumo is a 20 meter high volcanic cone full of warm dense mud. It costs 5,000 COP ($2.50 USD) to enter. Start by climbing up a rickety staircase to the top, then descend into the volcano and experience a mud bath where you can’t sink.



Since we arrived early, we had the volcano pretty much to ourselves. See the shenanigans that ensued in this video.

Greg, me, and Matt at Volcan de Totumo

Greg, me, and Matt at Volcan de Totumo Photo from @Afewsketchymoments

After climbing out of the volcano we walked down to the lake to wash off. Despite a thorough washing, mud was in my ears for days. Definitely one of the funniest experiences on the trip.



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