Mapping Out A 15,000 Mile Adventure with Stop Motion

For months I have been staring at Google Maps trying to comprehend the scope of this adventure. I would tell people that I was going to be riding to Argentina and they would say “oh so you’re going to ship your motorcycle there.” Not exactly.

I wanted to come up with a unique way to share what this journey would be like so friends (and myself) could see the scope of it. I decided this project was the perfect excuse to take a break from researching on my computer and working on the motorcycle.

Using a National Geographic map of the Americas, a pencil, marker, art paper, and a camera, I made this stop-motion video. A few hundred photographs, a 1950s Mexican cowboy song, and a bit of editing work later, here’s the finished piece.


  1. Cheryl Roberts says

    Hey, my nephew, Johnny Brock, turned me on to your website. We spent 3 years, traveling by boat, through Mexico, and Central America. We always found the officials helpful. When we checked in at Port Captain’s offices in Central America, we always saw posters stating that it was illegal to transport children out of the country. You’re highlighting a very worthwhile cause.. Best of luck to you…. I’ll be following your posts!

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