Lollapalooza Chile

To make it to Lollapalooza Music Festival in Santiago in time I decided I’d leave my moto in Osorno at the offices of MotoAventura Chile and then take a bus through the night to Santiago. It was a 570 mile trip on a boring road that I’ve already traveled on and the cost of fuel would have made the trip incredibly expensive. A roundtrip bus ticket was $40. Even though I get around 55mpg, the roundtrip on my bike would cost about $115 in fuel. Plus I could sleep on the bus and be ready for a weekend of nonstop music. This was my first time not traveling on my moto. I don’t know if all buses are like this but my bus was really nice. For my $20 ticket I got a sandwich for dinner, a drink, plus coffee and a light breakfast in the morning. The bus even had a host passing out blankets and pillows.


The smallest festival ferris wheel ever.

I barely was allowed to enter the festival because I forget my ID locked on my bike. Luckily I had my credit card and they finally gave me my will call ticket. I met up with Phil and Ian, who were easy to spot amongst the crowd for two reasons. 1. they were the tallest people there 2. they had furry animal hats on their heads. And lucky me, they brought me one.

Tigre, Panda, y Lobo

Tigre, Panda, y Lobo

Not only an easy way to find each other in the crowds, it also turned us into walking photo op. We were mobbed the whole weekend with people wanting photos with us and of us. A Chilean TV station interviewed me but because of the music and the reporters accent I couldn’t hear what he was asking so I just shouted “me gustas Chile” and went back to the concert.


Now onto the music. The two day festival had a lineup that I was pretty excited about. There were two bands I was especially excited about seeing, Arcade Fire and Phoenix. Here’s the breakdown of the shows I saw.

Saturday Shows:
Capital Cities
Ellie Goulding
Imagine Dragons
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Nine Inch Nails


Phil and Ian may look like grown men with their big beards but they are kids at heart. Their energy is infectious. Phil wouldn’t just walk from stage to stage, he danced his way. We found it’s a lot more fun and easier to get through the crowds when you’re moving to the beat rather than just walking. Saturday’s highlight was the Phoenix show. The french band played a high energy set as the sun was setting. Without silly animal hats on we danced around till we couldn’t breathe. As I was dancing I heard a voice from the crowd, “Dan?” it was a friend I’d met on the Navimag boat. That she recognized me with a wolf hat on dancing in a massive crowd is impressive.


I love concerts and music festivals. The crowds don’t bother me and even though there were around 100,000 people here it didn’t feel as crowded as Coachella or other festivals I’ve been to.



Don’t mess with this Panda

Sunday Shows:
Portugal the Man
Ana Tijoux
Flux Pavillon
Vampire Weekend
Arcade Fire

We ended the festival with an incredible show by Arcade Fire followed by dancing in the indoor arena as Axwell was spinning. Nothing like dancing in a hot arena with thousands of other people till the end of the day.


I was going to head back to the bike the next night but after meeting up with Phil, Ian, our new friend, Mariah, they ended up convincing me to stay another night. I already had bought my bus ticket but Phil and the others collectively said they’d chip in for a new ticket if I stayed. With Ian manning the stereo playing 80s pop, and a few bottles of Pisco and cola, we had a great night.


Thanks for the great weekend, Santiago de Chile!


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