La Paz to Potosi Bolivia

The road out of La Paz was hectic, rainy, muddy, polluted, and slow. I crept along behind the buses and vans spewing their black fumes, trying to pass every chance I got. The road is under construction to create a four lane highway to Oruro but it’s not finished yet. It took me two hours to go 85 miles on a completely straight highway.

I’ll be honest I spent the beginning of the ride cursing Bolivia’s polluted highway, buses, but mostly the rainy weather. To my left and right I saw sunny skies but above and in front off me, dark rain clouds. It’s clearly rainy season here. Evident by the flooded plains and muddy farms. The rain came in short waves and thankfully by noon I had sunny skies for most of the last three hours except for a minor hail storm for a few minutes.


Hoping the road goes west. Please go west around the storm!




Baby alpaca!



Just outside Potosi I pulled into a gas station as Ian and Paul were pulling out. I was surprised I caught up to them. They’re riding on to Uyuni but I had already rode 330 miles. I found Hostal Compañia de Jesus near the center of Potosi to rest for the night.

The storm clouds rolled into Potosi just after I arrived, and along with them ominous thunder. At 13,000ft the thunder seems more intense. I grabbed my rain coat and headed out for a walk. After 7 1/2 hours on the motorcycle, a good walk is needed. When the rain started I ducked inside a cafe on the main plaza. Hot chocolate and a sugary treat in a warm cafe was all I needed to write about my day. I’ll head out to Uyuni in the morning to catch up with Ian and Paul at the Salar de Uyuni.



    • Dan Ford says

      How’s the weather been? Could you let me know if most of the construction is finished and I’ll post an update on the blog. Thanks. Buen viaje!

  1. says


    Yep, I can confirm, from Uyuni to Potosi is beautifully smooth tarmac. From Potosi to Ouro and then to La Paz is also tarmac but bumpy, rutted and pot holed in some places. Still easy to make good progress though.

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