La Guajira Part 3 and Video

To Faro Punta Gallinas

Another beautiful morning in La Guajira. Everyone here, including the kids, wakes up at sunrise and starts working. The kid who had to sleep in the restaurant was putting away his hammock when I came in for coffee. Again, I really mean sugar with a bit of hot coffee water. Another interesting observation, everyone seems to sleep in hammocks. I walked by one house and the room was filled with hanging hammocks. ¬†Crawling out my tent I walked around the area to see what was around. A few buildings that functioned as showers, homes, kitchens, a small tienda, and a few hotel rooms. I went to the shower/bathroom building and when I went to wash my hands I grabbed the bottle of soap that was on the sink and poured some on my hands. The little boy that was there quickly spoke up and said “liquidos frenos” which translates to “brake fluid”. Well my hands were definitely clean now. Why there was a bottle of DOT3 Brake Fluid on the sink where soap would normally be, who knows.



The buildings there are built out of a sand, straw, and sticks. Impressive that they hold up against the winds out here.




Over dinner and breakfast I was there I was trying to learn the basic words in the Wayuu language, Goajiro. In the restaurant they had a sign translating spanish to Goajiro. Good morning is Watamaru and thank you is anyowats. The girls there just laughed at my pronuciation but I finally got those two words down.


After a simple breakfast we rode 1km to Faro Punta Gallinas, the actual most northern point of South America. Faro is the word for lighthouse. At the point there is an old crumbled stone lighthouse with paintings indicating the location. And right in front of it is a new lighthouse, just a plain steel tower. Coming from the east coast of the US where lighthouses are works of architectural beauty, this is far from that.





I reset the camera timer and ran back only to find Matt didn’t realize we were taking another photo and went to take a pee.




Since we had an idea of what the trail was like going back we kicked it up a gear and rode back through some of the same amazing terrain. Back to the gravel road then back on the pavement all the way to Daniel’s farm.




Greg stopping to buy fuel out in the middle of nowhere



The ride back to Daniel’s family’s farm was fast and the wind wasn’t as bad as a few days ago. When the road reached the coast, it was one of the most perfect rides. Cool temps, an amazing sunset, and a great road. What a way to end this chapter of the journey. This trip wouldn’t have been the same without Greg and Matt, I’m thankful they wanted to come along for the adventure.




Matt and I filmed as much as we could to share the experience with you so here’s a video of our adventure to Punta Gallinas, Colombia, the top of the South America.

Places Beyond: To The Top of South America from Places Beyond on Vimeo.


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