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I had been debating wether to even travel to Lima as the last thing I wanted was to ride my motorcycle on Lima’s roads with their notoriously crazy drivers and traffic. But there is something in Lima that isn’t anywhere else so I decided to make the ride down from the Andes to the desert.

What’s in Lima that isn’t anywhere on my route through Latin America is Krochet Kids Peru. Six years ago friends of mine from college started the organization Krochet Kids intl.┬áto help women rise above poverty. By teaching women how to make hats and other garments and then giving them training on everything from entrepreneurship to money as well as provide mentors and counseling, the lives of the women are changed. Not only is the well being of the women changed but their kids and families futures are changed. KKi began in Uganda but two years ago they started a program for women in Lima. With Peru’s famous alpaca fabric they knit everything from hats, scarves, bags, and they have a cut and sew program to make all the tee shirts, sweatshirts and more.

This short video beautifully shares the mission of Krochet Kids International

In the southern outskirts of Lima far away from the glamour of Miraflores in a barrio where most of the homes don’t have running water, Krochet Kids Peru has it’s headquarters. An intentional location as this neighborhood is where the need is.



Our empowerment project in Peru is located just outside the capital city of Lima, and it is currently working to help lift 38 women and their families out of poverty. We start by working with organizations and churches to identify potential beneficiaries. Our local Peruvian staff then does home visits to assess the needs of the individual and the family to create a baseline assessment. We then start by providing a job through the creation of our apparel and accessories at Krochet Kids Peru. We couple that steady income with education and one-on-one local mentorship in order to create a holistic approach to development. With the skills and knowledge gained through the program our goal is to equip Peruvians with a path toward independence, and free from poverty.







Each product is signed by the woman who made it and on Krochet Kids website people read the story of the person who made it and write them a message.

The hat you’ve been seeing in my photos was made by Norma. After her mother passed away she moved from her small town in the Andes to Lima. She was working as a nanny but needed to find a more stable job. She now dreams of becoming a fashion designer and Krochet Kids Peru is helping her achieve a new future. You can help change a life when you buy responsibly made products from Krochet Kids intl.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.35.17 AM

Photo from

Krochet Kids Peru Norma

Norma Cisneros Yaranga | Photo from KrochetKids.Org

During my two days at Krochet Kids Peru I helped out anyway I could. Since I have no knitting skills I gladly helped fold, tag, and bag hats, shirts, and scarves for a big shipment.


A new group of interns just started their semester working in Lima and so I mostly worked with them.


Whatever your age. Dream Bigger!

I have to thank Blake Goodfellow for welcoming me to KKi and into his family’s home during my time in Lima. Blake is the director of the program in Lima. Along with his wife Sarah and four beautiful kids they moved to Lima three years ago leaving everything behind in Southern California to live a different life and work to help others climb out of poverty.


Here’s another video from Krochet Kids Peru that shares the story of Jackie

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