I Feel It In My Fingers

The sunny days were over and I had an invitation to go to Lima so I packed up early to hit the road.

Of course when I was leaving the sky was clear and I could see the Cordillera Blanca mountains in the distance.


Once I was on the road heading towards Lima I entered thick morning fog that hid the warm sun. The first hour of my ride was the coldest I’ve been on this trip. My fingers were near frozen. I kept my left hand pretty much on the exhaust pipe to keep it warm. Every few minutes I had to stop to warm up my right hand. In attempt to stay positive about my freezing fingers I sang the song from Love Actually, I feel It In My Fingers. Judge all you want.


On my map a glimmer of hope appeared when I saw there was a highway intersection in a couple of miles. An intersection usually means there will be a gas station or restaurant. Sure enough there were a few cafes. I stopped at the first one and asked for a coffee. I didn’t even drink it when the server set it on the table. I just put my hands around it.


While I was inside warming up, the fog started clearing which let the sun shine through. The rest of the ride through the Andes was warmer and since I could actually see now, it was beautiful.



The road quickly drops in elevation and with it the amount of green around me. The land became more dry and arid the further east I rode.


Soon I was sweating riding through the coastal desert north of Lima. It’s not much of a sight. In fact it’s almost painful to see the conditions. Trash littered along the highway. It is just desert but it’d be prettier without the heaps of garbage. I was in awe at the living conditions in the towns in the desert. Hundreds of very basic shacks made of woven straw walls. No power lines. No roads. And incredibly hot.



The road cuts straight through the desert. A boring ride if it wasn’t for having to be on constant look out for maniac bus drivers. Luckily most of this road was two lanes each direction.


My motorcycle was covered in mud so I stopped by a car wash before entering Lima to clean it off. $1 car wash.


The car washes in the area had no drainage so ironically to exit I had to ride through puddles of mud. No wonder the name of the car was is Yo Mismo Soy (“I’m the Same”.)


More desert up to the edge of Lima. Once I got to Lima I was on full alert in the heavy traffic so no photos. I arrived on a Sunday so it actually wasn’t bad at all. More on Lima in my next post.


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