Tips to Experience Buenos Aires

Here are a few tips and resources to make the most of your time in Buenos Aires.

There are countless ways to enjoy this city, these are just a few. It ultimately comes down to what you decide you want to do. The thing I’d stress the most is to connect with locals. It’s an incredibly welcoming city.

Useful Guides for Local Information

Gringo in Buenos Aires
Pick Up The Fork (Food Blog)
BA Expats

Getting Around

  • Metro – Its limited but if you’re staying near the two major lines its great to get to most popular areas. The only downside is it ends early. Last trains are before 11pm.
    Here is a good subway map. This site has a helpful routing tool
  • Bus - called “collectivos” or autobus. The bus network in the city is massive and it runs 24 hours. Google maps can’t give you public transport directions but I found this site that is really helpful for giving simple directions. Buses don’t accept cash so buy a SUBE card from a bodega and refill. The rates depend on your destination. Tell the driver the barrio or street you’re going to.
  • Taxis  Most locals and travelers I met find the taxis in Buenos Aires safe and reallyaffordable. They are metered so you don’t really have to worry about getting ripped off.
  • Moto You certainly can ride your moto around the city and there are plenty of parking garages to use but it’s a large city and I chose to not ride except when doing a few trips to the suburbs.

Money Exchange

Best way to experience BsAs is to save 30-40% on everything by exchanging your US Dollars at Blue Market Rates! I went to a place that was recommended from a local. I exchanged cash there twice and never had a problem. Corrientes, 676, 14th floor, apt. A. They are not open on Sat or Sun. Don’t use your credit card in Argentina, you’ll be throwing money away.

Where to Stay

  • Kilca Hostel  The only hostel I know of that has secure parking for bikes. Its your basic hostel and cheap. 90 pesos for a dorm bed. I didn’t stay here but almost every moto traveler I met did.
  • Apartment Rent an apartment through AirBnb. There are plenty of parking garages around the city to park your moto in.
  • Couchsurfing
    Buenos Aires might be the largest and most active CS city. Find a couch to surf or if you’re staying somewhere else check out the events page. There are almost nightly CS events or post in the discussion board if you’re looking to connect with locals or other travelers.

What to Do

Have any tips to add? Post in the comments!

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