More of Cusco

Not many stories to tell in this blog but I wanted to share some photos and a few things about what Cusco was like.
It’s a great city. Clean, beautiful, historic, cultured, overall a wonderful place.


Hostal Estrellita. A great place for motorcyclists. Highly recommend.


Need curtains? Like other stores, you can find an entire block of curtain shops. No need for Linen’s and Things here in Cusco.


The strap to my tank bag melted on the exhaust but I luckily found this shoe repair main to stitch it back together. Cost 50 cents I think. Check out his manual sewing machine.


My favorite part. Food! You can find good cheap meals in Cusco just outside the plaza and tourist zone. For 3 soles ($1.07) You can get a filling meal.


It’s not gourmet but if you’re hungry and on a budget like me. $1 for a meal including a drink is about the best you’ll find. You can’t shop for that cheap.


Street meat! Yumm!


I ran into Canadian Ian again! His hand is still in a cast but he’s back on the road. Plus American Ian on the KLR and a new guy, Paul on a V-strom.



Breakfast at Hostal Estrellita


At the hostal I also met Nick and Kanchan who are finishing their 3 year round the world tour.


Packs of dogs roam the streets here. Unlike the rural dogs, they don’t chase down motorcyclists.



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    That’s such a trip how you encounter other travelers and bloggers. It’s funny how we find people in our “tribe” when we’re chasing our passions.

    Keep it up and safe travels.

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