Cuenca, Ecuador

I came to Cuenca because I wasn’t able to find a rear tire in Quito and I couldn’t wait until Lima. It was an added plus that I had heard good things about Ecuador’s third largest city. Cuenca is a colonial city with much of the “city” being the historic center. The narrow cobbled streets lead by the different neighborhoods of beautiful Spanish buildings, churches, markets, and museums.




My first goal was to get the rear tire replaced. I had hoped the rear Heidenau K60 would have lasted longer. I got about 9,000 miles out of it. I ran it at 32PSI maybe I should have had it higher. I wanted a good dirt tire for Peru and Bolivia anyway so I was ok to replace it now. The guys at Ecuador Freedom Bike rentals told me about Tedasa tires in Cuenca. I showed up and they were able to pick up a TKC80 rear 140/80/18 the same day. Install was free and I was there for less than an hour. Luis at Tedasa was really helpful and speaks some English. I also replaced my rear brake pads this morning.

The Heindenau K60 Scout rear ready to be replaced.

The Heindenau K60 Scout rear ready to be replaced.

The new TKC80 ready for off road adventures in Peru and Bolivia.

The new TKC80 ready for off road adventures in Peru and Bolivia.

With the bike stuff taken care off I set out into the city to find base layer thermals to keep warm and dry in the Andes. For a city at 8,000ft and surrounded by popular mountain trekking and camping places I thought finding an outdoor store would be easy. Not so. I finally found Accion Sport and a nice pair of thermal pants and shirt. With all my shopping finished I spent the afternoon walking around the city.









The first Royal Enfield store I’ve seen anywhere in North or South America.


In the evening I set out to find the microbrewery I had walked by earlier. La Compañia has a small selection of locally brewed beers and they were quite good. While I was there I met Ian, a Canadian who is also traveling by motorcycle. He had an accident a few days earlier. Even though his bike was totaled he wasn’t giving up. He was flying to Lima the next day to buy a KLR and continue his trip. I loved his determination. He broke his hand and wasn’t put off at all.



Ian, a fellow motorcycle traveler who I met at the pub. Buen Viaje, Ian!


Info for the shops:

Tedasa /Erco Tires Cuenca
Continental tires and install.
I got a TKC 80 rear 140/80/18 for $150 installed.

Morejon Motos Tecnicentro
Tires, Oil, EBC Brake Pads in stock plus service. Cristobal was really helpful.
2-75 Unidad Nacional east of 12 de Abril.
Tel: 099-848-4656

Outdoor Wear and Gear
Accion Sport on Simon Bolivar between Tarqui and Juan Montevallo in Centro Historico.


  1. Garey W. Ford says

    Beautiful city. Your friend looks like the guy in “Young Frankenstein”. I can see him saying,”Abby,,Abby Normal”.

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