La Guajira Part 3 and Video


To Faro Punta Gallinas Another beautiful morning in La Guajira. Everyone here, including the kids, wakes up at sunrise and starts working. The kid who had to sleep in the restaurant was putting away his hammock when I came in for coffee. Again, I really mean sugar with a bit of hot coffee water. Another interesting observation, everyone seems to sleep in hammocks. I walked by one house and the room was filled with hanging hammocks.  Crawling out my tent I walked around the area to see what was … [Read more...]

Mapping Out A 15,000 Mile Adventure with Stop Motion

Trona Pinnacles

For months I have been staring at Google Maps trying to comprehend the scope of this adventure. I would tell people that I was going to be riding to Argentina and they would say "oh so you're going to ship your motorcycle there." Not exactly. I wanted to come up with a unique way to share what this journey would be like so friends (and myself) could see the scope of it. I decided this project was the perfect excuse to take a break from researching on my computer and working on the … [Read more...]