Burgers, Beer, and Brew in Barranco

Big cities means more people, more neighborhoods, more variety, and best of all more restaurants. In the small towns all you get is the basic rice and meat centered meals. When I got to Lima I spent time in the Barranco neighborhood. Here are a few places I enjoyed.

Twist Gourmet Burger Bar

Featuring hearty burgers and good craft brew. This small burger restaurant was a little pricey for my usual meal budget but well worth it. Avenida Grau 384, Barranco, Lima




Tostaduria Bisetti

In the main plaza of Barranco walk past the Starbucks and you’ll find this local coffee roaster and cafe. Fantastic coffee and food. I spent an evening here and enjoyed the fresh roasted coffee while a cellist performed live.¬†Av. Pedro de Osma 116, Lima, Peru


And just in case anyone was thinking this trip is all pleasant and lovely. Here’s a photo of when I made the mistake of riding the bus in Lima during rush hour. Packed like sardines for over an hour.



  1. Ken Ford says

    When I was in Iraq, not only was the bus packed. But the seats weren’t made for American size people. I’d ride my bike in the rain an follow a bus, before for I got in another one…lol

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