An American Feast In Buenos Aires

Even before I arrived in Buenos Aires I had high opinions of how welcoming Argentineans were. Everywhere I went I was treated so well. My high opinions only grew after arriving in the final city of my journey. A few weeks earlier I was Couchsurfing at Deni’s when she invited me to her friend’s birthday dinner. While at her friend’s house for the afternoon I met everyone around the table including Marian. Before the end of the party Marian made an offer I couldn’t refuse. You see, Marian is a chef by trade and she asked if she could cook an American style dinner for me. She had been working on new recipes for a few American dishes but never has the chance to have an American try them. The words yes spilled out of my mouth before I couldn’t even think.

I think offers like that are very common. “Let’s hang out again” “I’d love to have you over”. We all hear those sayings but what made this different was Marian meant it. Before the night was over we found a night that could work and it was on the calendar. Marian would cook the meal, Deni and a few other friends would bring the wine, and even though they insisted I didn’t have to bring anything, my friend Kelli and I brought some more wine and chocolates. You can never have enough of either.

Marian’s husband, Sergio, greeted us outside and welcomed us into their home. Marian was putting the finishing touches on on the meal and Sergio mixed cocktails to kick the night off.

Marian y Sergio and their daughter.

Marian y Sergio and his daughter.


Myself and Sergio chatting about motorcycles and whiskey.


Kelli and Deni

I was curious what Marian meant by an “American dinner” but I quickly found out. The first course was a plate of nachos covered with beef, cheese, onions and ham. Off to a great start.


The room grew louder as more friends arrived and more drinks were poured. For the main course, Marian brought out the dish she’s been dying to have an American taste, BBQ ribs and a loaded baked potato. How lucky of me! Marian was not messing around when she said she had been working on Yankee food. These were American sized potatoes and ribs. After the first bite I gave Marian my blessing even though she needed none. Her cooking was incredible.


Of course, Marian wasn’t finished just yet. She went to the counter and returned with a tray of freshly frosted chocolate cupcakes. As the group reached in to grab one I sat back and took in my peculiar surroundings. Across from me my Porteña Couchsurfing host was chatting with a friend I’ve known since age 7, and six other strangers were sitting around the table sharing conversation and inquiring about life in California and about my motorcycle adventure. What an incredible feeling to once again be so far from home and feel so comfortable and cared for. A few weeks prior I entered Buenos Aires not knowing a single person and now I’ve been welcomed into Marian and Sergio’s home feeling like I’m at a holiday party with friends and family.


After we finished the whiskey and wine the conversation continued until it was time to call it a night. Deni’s friends insisted that they give Kelli and I a lift back to San Telmo even though it was out of their way. What an amazing group of people. I’m so fortunate to have met them. Thank you, Deni, Marian, Sergio and everyone else. I’m sorry I’ve forgotten everyone’s names but I have not forgotten your kindness.



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